Sweet places in Leuven/Louvain

Since my school year starts today, let me tell you about the town where I study: Leuven. It's kind of special, seeing as it's population throughout the school year rises with about 50 percent, given that 1 out of 3 citizens is a student. It's not a huge city, but it's pretty old and has a lot of history. There are also a lot of nice coffee shops and other places where you can get all your dessert dreams fulfilled. Here is my list of favorites in no particular order!


This is the dream if you like everything chocolate. Literally, that's all that's on their menu! Milkshakes, lava cake, brownies, coffee, ice cream,... You name it! It's amazing. I spend (too much) time here with my friends between classes, and it's delicious every time. It has quite some space to sit, and the interior design is lovely and cosy. I advice not coming here late in the evening, because it gets crowded and loud.
My favorite:  I literally cannot choose between bananachoc, coupe browneux and moulleux (lava cake) supreme!
Adress: Alfons Smetsplein  3

Mont Cafe

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This is a little cafe right between a couple of auditoria. It has some of the nicest coffee in Leuven! I often stop here to get a quick drink between classes. In the summer there is place to sit outside, but in the winter that's not really the case. Keep that in mind! They also give you a free mini pretzel with your coffee to go!
My favorite: Vanilla latte
Adress: Alfons Smetsplein 1

Coupe Matadi

This is outside the center of Leuven, but it's totally worth the trip. You see, it's an ice cream boat. No really, it is a boat on which they serve ice cream! They have a wide arrange of flavors that change frequently, and it's lovely to sit on the deck in the summer! It's not open in the winter, sadly.
It's also very close to my place, so come and say hi!
My favorite: Madame framboise (raspberry)
Adress: Kolonel Begaultlaan 7


This place is all about waffles, Belgium's biggest pride, second to beer. You can get a Brussels or Liege waffel, or you can get one on a stick. There are also a lot of toppings to choose from, from fruity to sweet. They also have yoghurt ice cream and regular ice cream!

My favorite: Liege waffel with milk chocolate sauce strawberries
Adress: Bondgenotenlaan 13

Bubble bar
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Right in the middle of the largest shopping street in Leuven, you can find the bubble bar. You can get frozen yoghurt here, but most importantly: Bubble Tea. This treat is so nice on hot days. You can choose between different kinds of tea, juice and bubbles!
My favorite: Jasmin green tea (cold) peach flavor and strawberry popping boba
Adress: Diestsestraat 62

Punto Caffè
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This cafe is right in the shopping area, which is super handy if you want a coffee on the go, or take a break from shopping. It seems small, but there is a lot of place to sit upstairs. This drink was so delicious, though it was a little bit expensive. It consisted of ice cream, coffee, nuts, whipped cream and caramel syrup! So yeah, a calorie bomb. But treat yourself from time to time, right? And that's what this post is all about.
My favorite: Frappé special
Adress: Leopold Vanderkelenstraat 17a

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This is an ice cream salon not far from the center of the city. They have the best ice cream in Leuven. They sell a variety of tastes and a taste of the month. Be careful, as the line on warm days gets super long! They also sell Liege waffels.
My favorite: Raspberry ice cream
Adress: Tiensestraat 44


So, Leuven has a great amount of places that have everything you want. Do you have any suggestions for me, or places that should be on this list according to you? Let me know in the comments! 


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