Make up haul Yves Rocher August!

Hi! So recently Yves Rocher did a huge sale where everything was 50 percent off, so naturally I bought some make up and face products! I'm going to review all my products in this post, so sit back, and enjoy.

Nourishing Lip Balm - Raspberry scent

This is just a simple lip balm, it's very hydrating and smells amazing! It applies very soft and smooth. Perfect for the winter and cheap!
The price is €1,75
I give this product a 4/5

Gentle Makeup Remover for Sensitive Eyes - Cornflower

This is such an amazing make up remover! I love this product, you don't need a lot of it and it works
really fast in only a few wipes. Is targeted towards sensitive eyes, and it doesn't irritate. Also works for other make up. Would totally recommend this.
The price is €7,90 -> sale €3,85
I give this product a 4/5

Cooling Effect Mask - Cranberry

This is a mask that's very nice on warm days, as it really cools down your face. It smells amazing too! You're supposed to apply this one or two times a week and let it sit on your face for 3 minutes. Very cheap mask and a very nice product overall.
The price is €5,90 -> sale €2,95
I give this product a 5/5

Cushion Foundation - 200 Doré

This foundation is very light coverage, so beware. It feels smooth on the skin, but you still feel like you have foundation on. The color doesn't exactly match my skin tone. There weren't that much colors to choose from, either! It's also quite watery, as it got dirty after I pulled the safety label of and put it in my bag. It had spilled on the mirror and applicator, which was not fun. The applicator is not great either. Don't really recommend it, since it normally costs you a lot of money.
The price is €29,90 but I got it for free with a coupon!
I give this product a 1/5

Vertigo Length Mascara - 02. Brown

This mascara has a very thin and tiny brush, which is handy to get the entire lash, especially the ones
on the side. You can barely see it in the picture! It doesn't have the amazing lengthening effect that it promises, but it does make them appear somewhat longer. It just could have done more in my opinion. The brown color seems very similar to black, albeit a lighter black. Nice for a more natural look! Looks best with 2 coats.
The price is €19,90 -> sale €9,95
I give this product a 4/5

Sexy Pulp Ultra Volume Mascara - 01. Noir

This mascara is quite the opposite from the previous one. Just look at that brush! It's so thick and voluminous, no wonder it does the same to your lashes! It makes them look so long and black. The biggest downside is that it leaves so much clumps. At the end of the night, your lashes are totally clumped together, which is not a very nice feeling, as it gets quite heavy. If you don't mind that, go for this mascara! 
The price is €17,90 -> sale €8,95

I give this product a 3/5

BB Creme 6 in 1 SPF 20 - Light

This BB cream's texture is a mix between liquid and creamy. It goes on pretty smooth, and blends nicely into the skin. It makes your skin look very dewy and glowing. The coverage it gives is minimum, however. In the store it's advertised as light to medium but that isn't exactly the case. It also sweats off super fast, even with primer and powder. I don't really recommend it.

The price is €17,90 -> sale €8,95
I give this product a 2/5

Sheer Botanical Lipstick - 33. Rose Sorbet

This lipstick smells so amazing. Really, it smells very sweet, almost like candy. The color is very pretty, it shows, but it's sheer enough so you don't notice it that well. I would have liked it if it were just a little more noticeable, but you can't have everything.  It doesn't stay on that well, so prepare for some reapplying. 
The price is €15,90 -> sale €12,95
I give this product a 3.5/5

Left: without lipstick, right with lipstick

Radiant Lip Crayon - Corail Doux

This product has such a weird smell. It smells kind of old and has a weird perfume to it. I don't really like it. The coral color is very sheer and not really pigmented, which is a shame because it seems such a pretty color! I has some gloss in it, which seems nice, but it does not stay on whatsoever. It's such a shame. 
The price is €12,90 -> sale €6,45
I give this product a 3/5

Left: without lipstick, right with lipstick

Eyebrow Pencil - 01. Blond

This isn't a new product for me, but I still wanted to include it. It's such a nice pencil, the color matches me perfectly, and it fills in my brows just nice and naturally. I really like this product and would recommend it if you want a filled in, but natural looking brow.
The price is €9,90 -> sale €4,95
I give this product a 5/5

Waterproof eye pencil - Gold

A must have if you want a subtle but daring look! Works best during daylight, and has to be applied generously (one layer is not enough). Don't apply this before using your eyelash curler or it'll wipe it off. It stays on well, even when you are sweaty or brush against it. The turning system of the liner is a bit loose, don't know if this is just with this one or not. Would recommend it!
It's price is €9,90 -> sale €4,95
I give this product a 5/5

Flawless Skin Concealer - Beige Clair

This concealer has a lipstick model which is very handy to apply with. Its coverage is medium, but it's not enough for under the eyes in my opinion. The texture is quite creamy.
It's price is €9,90 -> sale €4,95
I give this product a 4/5


So, that was it! I hope you enjoyed this haul, and if you'd like to see a particular brand haul, let me know! Also, if you'd like a specific product to be reviewed, tell me in the comments.



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