Make up haul Sleek September!

Hi! So for today I have a make up haul for you. Sleek is a make up brand that's well known for its kind prices. It's not expensive, and most of the products are pretty good quality! I take a closer look at some products from their range, and review them. Enjoy!


Highlighting Palette - Precious Metals 

This highlighting palette has 4 colors: 3 creams and 1 powder. I like the color selection, and they look pretty on the face. They also reflect light beautifully. My biggest problem with these, however, is how glittery they are. It's way too much and super difficult to remove! The color goes off simply, but the glitters just stay on. The palette comes with a tiny brush that works okay and a nice mirror. The packaging is very shiny and pretty. On the box packaging it gives you some nice tips on how to use this palette.

The shades go from the upper row from left to right and then the lower row from left to right.

1. Platinum
This is a white cream, and is pretty pigmented. It doesn't look glittery, but totally is once you swatch it. A very pretty highlight.

2. Antique Bronze.
This is a bronze cream, and is pigmented as well. A nice color.

3. Royal Gold
A bronze cream that is similar to number 2, but less pigmented. The "worst" color in the palette.

4. Renaissance Gold
The only powder highlight in this palette. The color is a pretty pigmented gold shade that is the most glittery of them all.
The price is €13,95
I give this product a 3.5/5

Matte Me Ultra Smooth Matte Lip Cream - Bittersweet and Shabby Chic

These are liquid lipsticks, I got them in 2 colors. The color swatches look very pretty!
Bittersweet is a pink-reddish color that's easily my favorite of the two. Shabby Chic is more of a mauve kind of color, which isn't really my thing.
Bittersweet is on the left, Shabby Chic on the right

When you apply these, you will immediately notice how sticky these are, especially Shabby Chic. When they've dried up, they are very, very dry! You can see every little crevice in your lips. It also bleeds, which makes it look like you're really bad at applying lipstick. It did stay on pretty well throughout the day, but was totally gone after eating something. Other than that, it did okay.
The price is €7,50
I give this product a 3/5

i-Divine Mineral Based Eyeshadow Palette - All Night Long

This palette consists of 12 shades, 5 mattes and 7 shimmery shades. It comes with a mirror and an applicator, which is a pretty bad one. The packaging is matte, and pretty, but attracts dirt like crazy.

The shades go from the upper row from left to right and then the lower row from left to right.

1. Belllini
A matte pink shade that is not very pigmented. A pretty shade though.

2. Negroni
This is a brown matte shade. It's pretty pigmented and a nice color.

3. Martini
A shimmery champagne shade. It's pretty grainy and has quite some fallout.

4. Prosecco
A shimmery gold shade, very pigmented and also has some fallout.

5. Kir Royale
A lighter pink matte shade. It's more pigmented then the first one, even though you can't see that on the picture, so still not very pigmented.

6. Mimosa
A shimmery brown/copper color. It's very pigmented.

7. Champagne
It's a shimmery gold shade. Not very pigmented.

8. Spritz
A brown shade with a coppery shimmer. Very grainy and has some fallout. Don't use this often.

9. Mai Tai
Another pink matte shade, not very pigmented again.

10. Cosmopolitan
A dark red shimmery shade. A very pretty color.

11. Daiquiri
Grey/brown shimmery shade. Pretty pigmented and a nice color.

12. Manhattan
A red coppery shimmer shade. Very pretty and pigmented, but similar to number 10.

I liked this palette, especially for fall looks. It has good pigmentation, but some colors are similar.
The price is €10,95
I give this product a 4/5

i-Divine Mineral Based Eyeshadow Palette - Vintage Romance

This palette has 2 mattes and 8 shimmery shades, which is too much for me.

1. Pretty in Paris
A shimmery silver/white. Is pretty pigmented and looks nice.

2. Meet in Madrid
A shimmery gold color. Pretty pigmented, but not on the photo. Has quite some fallout.

3. Court in Cannes
This is a shimmery copper/brown color. Very pigmented!

4. Lust in LA
A dark green shimmery shade, has a lot of fallout and is quite grainy. I don't see myself using this one often.

5. Romance in Rome
A dark blue matte shade. Not too pigmented but still okay.

6. Propose in Prague
It's a matte brown/deep orange shade. Very pigmented but quite grainy.

7. A Vow in Venice
A shimmery purple, nice pigmentation but very similar to 8 and 9.

8. Marry in Monte Carlo
A shimmery purple.

9. Honeymoon in Hollywood
A shimmery purple.

10. Bliss in Barcelona
A shimmery dark purple/blue, very pigmented. Seems very dark on the picture.

11. Forever in Florence
A shimmery brown with hints of purple in it. Quite pigmented as well.

12. Love in London
A shimmery black. The most pigmented in this palette!

This palette has a lot of fun and bright colors. What I don't like, is how many similar purples there are in this single palette. The pigmentation is good though.
The price is €10,95
I give this product a 3/5


That was everything I have from Sleek, I hope you liked this haul! If you'd like me to do other brands, let me know in the comments!



  1. The "All Night Long" palette seems really nice! Especially for only 11 euro's. All those colors would fit my complexion really well I think :)

    1. It is very nice for its cheap price! Thank you for commenting!


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