Making My Own Disney ears (Rapunzel themed)

So, before I went to Disneyland with my friends, we made our own Disney ears! We made them ourselves for a couple of reasons: They are pretty expensive at the parks, they are much more personal now and you can customize them to whatever character you want. So we searched a couple of websites on how to do it, and went to the store!

I'm just going to show you how I made my Rapunzel themed ears, At the end, I show the ears my friends made in more detail, so you can get some idea of what you can make!

You will need:
- A glue gun
- Purple fabric
- A headband
- a pair of scissors
- Carboard or something like a cereal box
- White, yellow, pink and purple flowers
- Optional: Pink fabric 
- Optional: A blonde pigtail headband (6 euros at Claires) (you can also use something else that looks like a blonde pigtail)

Step 1:  Cutting your cardboard
Take a glass and draw a circle around it. Do this two times. Cut them out, and see if they seem like a good fit to you. Cut out a small incision so they will fit better on your headband. You can easily measure this by putting your cardboard under the headband and drawing where you want to cut it.

Step 2: Cutting your fabric
Draw circles with the same glas. Make sure you draw the two of them close together, so you still have something that they both hang on to. Cut your purple fabric so you still have plenty to fit around the cardboard ears. See how you will glue them. Put the nice side in the front, of course!
OPTIONAL: Cut your pink fabric in thin, long pieces. You're going to use this as the lace like in Rapunzels corset.

Step 3: Glue
OPTIONAL: Cut your pigtail so it will fit perfectly on the headband. If you're scared the ends will start to unravel, glue it together. Glue the pigtail on the headband.
Glue your fabric to your cardboard. When that dries, glue them to your headband. You can put plenty of glue on the headband and bottom of the ears, we are going to cover it with flowers anyway. 
OPTIONAL: Glue the pink fabric on one of your ears in crossed fashion, like Rapunzels corset. 
Lastely, glue the flowers onto the ears like you want them to!

My ears cost me a total of 15 euros for the fabric, pigtail, headband and flowers. I could've made it less expensive if I'd used a headband that I had lying at home. The ears at the park are around 20 euros, so it's really a matter if you're crafty or not and if you want to have some specific character ears.

We got so many compliments from guests and cast members! It was so lovely! That's another good reason to make them yourself!

And yeah, that's it! Here's some other examples from my friends!

Inspired by Belle
This one wasn't too hard to make, the headband came with the roses so you just have to attach some ears and decorate those!

Inspired by Elsa
This one consists of a headband and some attached thin iron. It has a wooden snowflake and blue sequins. It's also decorated with a crown.

Inspired by Ariel
This is a headband that came with the flowers. The ears are made with felt and decorated with shells and a dinglehopper.
Inspired by Olaf
These ears are made from scratch, with cotton balls glued to the ears, and buttons glued onto the snowballs. Fluffy brown wiring and an orange bow and you got yourself a snowman!


What kind of ears would you make? See you next time!



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