Expo Harry Potter in Brussels December 2016

Hi everyone!

So last week I went to Brussels to visit the Harry Potter expo!
I'll spare you with the boring travel details and go straight in!

The expo works with time slots, as to not have too many people in at once. It wasn't busy when we went however, mainly because the expo has been around since July and most people went already.
It started with a cute little sorting ceremony and a cool compilation of all the movies.

There was a lot of stuff on display, and a lot that was cramped together. This was positive and negative. It was very cool and it seemed like you were actually on some of the movie sets! But this made it so that the expo was pretty short. We walked around for only and hour and a half.

A lot of clothing was on display, and I loved it! It did made me realize how small Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe are. Jeesh!

Hagrid's entire hut was on display! This was really cool, and you could even sit in his giant chair. It made me feel like a kid again. Don't mind the ugly face though.

Dobby :'( This exhibition mainly made me want to read the books again and watch all of the movies.

All of the deathly hallows were on display. It was awesome.
(this is only the elder wand and the cloak of invisibility plus the resurrection stone)

I'm still in love with this dress, it's so pretty!

And this is the final picture, not of the exhibition but of the Atomium. I'd never seen it before, which made me a bad Belgian :p Now I have though!

Anyway, I would totally recommend going to this expo. It wasn't cheap (21 euros) and pretty short, but it was so cool and awesome and pretty!
Be careful, it's only in Belgium until the 8th of January! If you'd like to go, visit their website at http://www.expoharrypotter.be/nl/



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