Comparing beautyboxes available in Belgium

Hi! So for this blogpost, I want to talk about my process of choosing a beautybox. Now that Christmas has passed, I've got some money that I can spend. I've been wanting to buy a beauty box for quite some time now, but I couldn't decide which one I wanted.
I looked up some information to see which ones I liked the most.
Initially I wanted to try a Glossybox. I knew about this one through Gracie's channel. Sadly, Glossybox is not available in Belgium, so I had to look for alternatives. These where the three that caught my attention the most.

This box consists of 4 to 6 products, with at least one full size. It includes high end products and more unfamiliar brands. It costs around 15 euros in the Netherlands and 17.5 in Belgium. It's not available in other countries.
Looking at previous boxes, it seems that it contains a mixture of beauty products and make up. The boxes mostly contain creams and oils and just a bit of make up. This is not what I was looking for, however, which is why I decided not to pick this one.

Like the Bluxbox, this box also contains around 6 products, both from familiar and unfamiliar brands. The price starts at 20 euros per box, and goes down with each month you subscribe. So if you take a subscription for 12 months, it's only 15.5 per box. It delivers all around the world.
Again I looked at previous boxes, and these seemed to contain more make up products. Still, there were too many creams and stuff like that to really appeal to me. Maybe I'll try it out in the future though!

In this box, you get 5 full size products, again from well known and unfamiliar brands (it seems that unfamiliar brands are more common though). The products are also cruelty free. It costs 15 euros for one box and as low to 12.5 euros for a 12 month subscription, so it's the cheapest by far. It delivers only in Europe.
These boxes mainly contain make up, with a few other products as well. This is what made me choose the StyleTone box! It also seems like they really listen to the feedback they get for each box. For filling out these questionnaires, you get style points. If you get enough, you can get a free box! The only thing I miss with this one, is that you don't get to personalize it. But, it seems that you get really good products for a very decent price!
Stay tuned for my december unboxing blogpost when I get my first box!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!


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