2016 Top 5 Games

So 2016 is almost over! What better way to end the year then to review all the great games I've played this year! It was a lovely year for gaming, with lots of great games coming out. All of these games have come out in 2016 (obviously) with the exception of one. Let's get started!

Platform played on: PS4
Price bought: 20 euros
Hours played: 6 h
Review: So I haven't finished this game yet, I know boo me, but what I've seen so far is simply amazing. The graphics are awesome, the music is beautiful, the voice acting is amazing, the gameplay is fun. But hey, what else do you expect from a Naughty Dog game, right? 


Platform played on: PC
Price bought: 15 euros
Hours played: 18 h
Review: This indie game is still not fully released, and it didn't come out in 2015, but I've only played it now and it's amazing. It's not easy to survive the harsh weather conditions in this game, which makes it so compelling. You really feel for the character you play as. The challenges are a lot of fun, but what I'm really excited for is the story mode that is coming out (hopefully) soon. If you like survival games, but are tired of the zombies, this might be the game for you. 

Platform played on: PC
Price bought: 18 euros
Hours played: 4 h
Review: I have mixed feelings about Firewatch. I have no doubt calling it an amazing game with awesome gameplay and a nice story. It's very pretty and it was a lot of fun navigating through the woods. It was way too short for the price though. Still, I enjoyed this game more then the two previous entries, hence my choice of putting it higher.
Platform played on: PC
Price bought: 10 euros
Hours played: 38 h
Review: I never expected this game to be so fun. There's just so much stuff to do! Farming, foraging, fishing, mining, fighting, socializing,... There is always something to do here. You can play it at any tempo you'd like, which is one of the game's biggest strenghts. It's just so freaking charming!
Platform played on: PC
Price bought: 20 euros
Hours played: 35 h
Review: This game was so intense. It made me sad, happy, angry,.. just so many emotions. The story is great and the gameplay mechanic of rewinding time is awesome. The ending sucks. That's the only bad thing about this game. If you like story driven games, give this one a shot, you wil not regret it. 
(a complete review about the final episode can be found on my tumblr)

So, did you agree? Or disagree? What were your favorite games of 2016? 
See you soon for my top 5 movies!


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