Throwback to Disneyland Paris July 2016

Hi everyone!
As I mentioned on my previous post about my Instagram account, I went to Disneyland Paris in July 2016. Because I didn't have my blog back then, I thought it would be a fun idea to make a photo post about my trip! I went with my mom, sister and boyfriend for 3 days.  It was pretty good weather there, which is why I wear sunglasses and have my hair up in almost all of the pictures. Apologies.


 We went on Tower of Terror first, which had the longest queue line on our entire trip, 40 minutes. Not too bad!
This was my third trip to Disney, but it was the first time I went on Crush's coaster, which was awesome. Ratatouille was also new for me, and I won't go on it again since it made me incredibly nauseous. 


  Then it was time to go to Disneyland!
Not going to lie, I almost cried when I saw the castle.

We went on a lot of rides, saw Frozen sing along (which I loved, Anna had a very thick accent though), Art of animation, Magic on parade (which was amazing, my mom took pictures so I don't have any, I was too busy being mesmerized and almost crying) and Frozen a royal welcome (which was fun but not very impressive). We didn't get to see Mickey and the Magician though, which I regret a lot.

Mandatory picture

 Character meet and greets
Hanging out with Pinocchio and Giopetto! Pinocchio stole my ears, and Giopetto was kind enough to get them back for me, since I was to awkward to chase after Pinocchio!

We passed the Princess Pavilion and I knew I wanted to go. I was desperate to see Rapunzel as she is my favorite princess, but she wasn't there :(. Snow White was however, and since the queue time was only 40 minutes, we went in. It went over quick enough, thanks to the beautiful scenery!
When it was our turn, the castmember asked us if we spoke French or English. That question made me wonder if they have 2 Snows ready for meeting guests! We said English and were led into the Princess room.

Snow was very kind, asking if my boyfriend was my prince. I got extremely shy and awkward however. I had so many questions ready and I screwed it up! This is one of the main reasons I want to go back, so I can get better character interactions! My boyfriend handed my phone to the photographer because we didn't want to buy expensive pictures. The pictures however, weren't great. The lighting is terrible and it's kinda shaky. Wish we bought pictures!

Ah well, there's always next time!

We really wanted to meet Alice or Mad Hatter, so we waited and were third in line. We were a bit disappointed that we were only going to meet the white rabbit, but it was fun nonetheless. He liked my glasses, apparently. He also gave very warm hugs, he was so soft!
We wanted to meet more characters but the lines were too full or we were too late.

Of course we saw Disney Dreams and I was so impressed! It was amazing and I loved every minute of it.
So many fireworks!

 That's all for today. If you'd like reviews on the restaurants we went to, let me know! If you have any questions about my trip, don't hesitate.

See ya!


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