Life update: Disney and cosplay

Hi everyone! So today I've got a short little update for you about life. I'm planning on going to FACTS in Ghent on October 22nd. This is like the Belgian Comic Con. I've always wanted to cosplay as Rapunzel, and I figured, why not now. A more detailed post about how to find a good cosplay outfit if you can't make it yourself will come up once everything has arrived.

I thought by myself, I've always wanted to do princess parties dressed up as one of the famous Disney princesses. Then I thought, well, if I have the cosplay, why not just do it? So here is my plan.
I'm going to go to a lot of school events, dressed up in my cosplay, to take pictures with children and play with them. I'll also hand out papers that'll tell the parents how they can book me. It's a way to make myself known, without using too much online resources. It's been a struggle knowing how much to charge and for how many children I should do the party, but this is why I'm going to do a trail party. My plan for the parties is that I'll hand the birthday child a present (like candy) and a birthday card. Then we can take some pictures and play some games. I also want to give them glitter tattoos or do their make up like fun characters (princess, pirate,...).

If you've got any ideas for things I could do on parties, or if you'd like more information, post in the comments! Next weeks I've got more Disney and make up posts planned, so keep posted for that!

See you later!



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