Disneyland Paris Restaurant Reviews

I love food, and I love Disney. When you combine the two together, you get something great (or not so great). To help you choose a restaurant at Disneyland Paris, here are my reviews of the ones that I've been to on my previous trips!

If I didn't pick a menu, I'm going to exclude the drinks!

Counter service restaurants

Disney Blockbuster Café
What I ate: Bruschetta with tomato and rucola salad
Was it good: Yes! It was very tasty, but nothing special. A good quick bite.
The restaurant looks: Pretty cool. Like the name suggests, it's like a movie studio with props from the latest blockbusters! This time it was very Marvel like, which isn't really my taste.
The price: €7,49

Market House Deli
What I ate: Sandwich with cheese, ham, salad and mayo
Was it good: No. I did not like it at all. The bread was dry, there wasn't enough on the sandwich... The worst meal I had at DLP.
The restaurant looks: Pretty old, and I liked the theming of a bakery.
The price: €6,49

Pizzeria Bella Notte
What I ate: Menu 1, pasta napolitana with a drink and garlic bread
Was it good: It was really tasty! Not very expensive for what you got, and a good but simple meal.
The restaurant looks: Very pretty, really nice to sit outside! Very fairy tale like.
The price: €12,99

Restaurant en Coulisse
What I ate: Menu 2, chickenburger with fries, yoghurt as dessert and a drink
Was it good: I liked it, though the cheese on the burger tasted so fake and was not very nice.
The restaurant looks: Nice, it does really seem like you're in the backdrop of a movie set.
The price: €13,99

Cafe Hyperion
What I ate: Savory breakfast menu with an omelette burger, croissant, coffee and orange juice
Was it good: It was very good, I liked it a lot! Very tasty breakfast.
The restaurant looks: Cool, it's Discoveryland themed, with screens that play star wars cartoons.
The price: €18 (can't find the exact price)

Buffet Restaurants

Davy Crockett's Tavern
What I ate: There were home made fries, potatoes, spare ribs, soup, chicken nuggets and more. The dessert buffet was also amazing with fruits, brownies and so on!
Was it good: It was amazing, one of the best meals I've had. I loved the food.
The restaurant looks: Very in theme with the whole ranch. It's themed after cowboys, and even the food is made in that theme.
The price: €28,99 (one drink included)

Plaza Gardens Restaurant
What I ate: This restaurant had everything. It had steak, pasta, pizza, potatoes, rosti,... The dessert buffet had ice cream, cake, and special mickey and 25th anniversary decorations!
Was it good: It was also amazing, I loved the food, and it was also one of the best restaurants in DLP. I really enjoyed dining here.
The restaurant looks: Very fancy and stylish, it looks amazing.
The price: €34,99 (unlimited drinks included)

So that was it! My dream is to eat at the Auberge de Cendrillon, but it's super expensive.
What is your favorite Disney restaurant?



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