StyleTone box: May 2017

Hi! For my birthday, I got another 3 months of StyleTone beautyboxsubscription! Yay!

 Without further ado, here is my review of this month.

Nailbuddies Nail Polish in Nude and Green

To be honest, I'm not a big nail polish fan. At all. Which is why I gave them to my mom! She told me that she really likes the nude. It goes on very well, in only two layers. The green does seem like an odd choice for a spring box. It's not a very lively color.

It's original price is 18 euros.

Double Dare OMG! 2-in-1 Detox Bubbling Mask

This mask was so fun to use! The first one is supposed to detox your skin. It was so bubbly and it smelled amazing. The second mask is designed to give your skin all kinds of nutrients and make it fresh again. It felt way more soapy, without the bubbles. I really enjoyed it though my skin didn't feel any different after using it.

It's original price is 6 euros.

Styletone Tweezers

This is a very nice little addition to the box. These tweezers are very easy to use, and look stylish.

It's original price is 9.95 euros.

Seraphine Botanicals Orange+Cream Lip Polish

I wanted a lip scrub for ages, and now I got one! This one works really well, you just massage some product onto your lips, and then you let it on for 2 minutes. Afterwards, you just wash it off and your lips are as good as new! The orange smell is really strong though, so be warned.

It's original price is 18 euros.

Look Essentials Lipgloss L202

So, yet another lip product in a StyleTone box... By know, I have more lipsticks and glosses than I know what to do with! I didn't really like this one, the colour doesn't look good on me, and it's not that easy to apply. It's easy to clean off though, which is very handy.

It's original price is 16 euros.

The total price of this box is 67,95 euros.

So, this box was pretty mediocre in my eyes. I hope the next one is a bit better. 
Thanks for reading!



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