StyleTone box: June 2017

Here is my review of the box from June 2017!

29 Cosmetics Lipstick in Spicy
This color is so pretty. Seriously. It's a dark red mixed with an orange tint and a glossy finish. It stays on very well, but it's not very easy to apply (that may be because of my lack of skills thought). The lipstick itself is pretty heavy, and has an odd smell, like it's pretty old.

It's original price is 25 euros.

 Afterspa Exfoliating Body Scrubber
 This is perfect for the summer. It's meant to exfoliate your body and give it a new natural glow and softness. I haven't tried this one but I'm excited to do so!

It's original price is 9,95 euros.

Lookx Eyeliner in purple
 This eyeliner has a very fine point which makes it easy to apply. Too bad that this is the second purple eyeliner I've received from StyleTone. There were five available colors, and I might try to swap this one for another color, like nude or brown. It goes on pretty good and it seems that the quality is amazing!

It's original price is 18 euros.

Yolora Make Up Remover Pen
 This make up remover pen is a product that I had never heard of before. It seems very handy, and is meant to clean out small areas like your eyes or the corners of your lips. I'm going to put this one in my bag to take it with me, it seems very handy!

It's original price is 9,95 euros.

Peony Cosmetics Eyeshadow Trio
As you can see, this product arrived broken. Luckily, StyleTone has an amazing costumers service and send me a new one, which hasn't arrived yet. It's a very small palette, but I'm always happy to receive new colors. These are very pretty, and the packaging is handy to take with me.

It's original price is 18 euros.

Once again, I will definitely use these items! Too bad some colors are similar to what I already recieved but swapping is always an option.

The total value of this box is 80.85 euros.


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