Beauty review: Be Creative Make Up Eyeshadow Palette Essential 1

For Christmas I was gifted a very nice eyeshadow palette by Be Creative cosmetics. This is a Belgian brand that's available at ICI Paris XL. This specific one is called the essential palette, and contains a lot of warm and nude tones. Perfect for this kind of weather!

The packaging is very nice, it's a great quality leather case. It's not too large, which makes it easy to take with you!

The palette itself contains a large mirror and an eyeshadow brush. The brush is two sided, it has a flat side and a more fluffy brush which can be used for blending. A lot of times brushes like these aren't great quality, but I was nicely surprised by this one! It's very soft and picks up the shadows nicely. Works great!
My only complaint about the case is that it doesn't really stay open easily because of the leather.

The overall pigmentation is very nice, the color selection is beautiful and the shadows are easy to blend. Now I'll talk about each individual shadow!

From left to right
A very light pink matte. The pigmentation is pretty good for such a light colour. It has a pearly finish.

A light gold shimmery shade. Same pigmentation as the previous color., I wish the difference between this one and Hello would be more noticeable.

A very pigmented gold shimmer. It's so bright and such a nice color!

Matte brown shade, the pigmentation is once again, very good.

A few shades lighter brown as the previous one. It's also shimmery. Slightly less pigmented.

Shimmery rose gold shimmery shade, nice pigmentation.

A very nice dark red. Looks orange in the picture but I swear it isn't in real life!

Beautiful matte dark brown. Very pigmented.

Very similar colour to Earth, with slightly more purple tones to it. This one is shimmery and also very pigmented.


I would have liked it if the shade names were in the palette instead of the cardboard box it comes into. I can imagine that people throw that away!

It's price is €29,95

Overall, a very pretty and useful palette, totally recommend it.



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