Beauty review: MUA Hall of Fame Eyeshadow palette

Hello! Here's something new I'm going to try, reviewing make up! First of, the Make Up Academy Hall of Fame eyeshadow palette. I haven't seen a lot of reviews on this particular palette, so I thought I'd take it on me.

First of, this is the palette.

The palette is a collection of MUA's favorite shades from previous palettes. There are only 2 matte shades and 10! shimmery shades. Here are the swatches, starting in the top row from left to right, and then the bottom row from left to right. 

Now I am going to review each shade. 

1: Rose Ash
This is a very pretty light pink shimmery shade. It doesn't show up that well on camera, but is pigmented fairly well when you put it on the eyes. 

2: Bare
This is supposed to be a light pink matte shade. As you can see, the pigmentation is horrible, it does not show up at all. 

3: Lion
This is a shimmery golden shade. It's very pigmented and very pretty, but does have a lot of fallout. 

4: Reveal
This is a silvery shimmery shade. It's not all that pigmented and is a color I don't use very often. 

5: Tectonite
A pretty well pigmented brown shade. It doesn't show up all that well on camera, but irl it is a pigmented color. 

6: Hydra
A shimmery blue. Nice pigmentation, I just don't ever use it. 

7: Shy
This is again a light rose, but this one is a shimmery. It's not very pigmented, sadly.

8: Catacomb
A shimmery champagne-y color. Very pretty and shows up better irl than on camera. I use this one the most out of all the colors of this palette! 

9: Chino 
A matte brown. The pigmentation isn't great, but when used wet it's a lot better. 

10: Hustle
A shimmery dark brown. Very pigmented and very sparkly. 

11: Cool grey
Unlike the name, it's actually a shimmery dark blue. The pigmentation is great but it's not a color I reach for all that often. 

12: Titan. 
A shimmery black shade. It doesn't show up very black, but the pigmentation is okay.

So, those were all the shades. Overall, the color selection can be a bit off, and the pigmentation isn't always great. There are some nice colors in here though. 
It costs €5, which is a low price for what you get. 

I give this product a 3/5

That was it for today, see you next time!



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