My Disney Audition Experience

Hi! So, I did my audition back in April, and here is my personal experience!

So I got at the audition location about 45 minutes beforehand. I met some people and chatted for a bit, and then they let us in. The room we were all put in was very small, considering there were about 200 people there. They measured us (I was measured at 168 cm for anyone that's curious), and we were handed in a form to fill in and sign. It was just basic information really.
So after that, they gave us a fun and informative presentation about the job. It got me so excited!

Then it was off to the first round. They told us how we had to act (like a princess or pirate) and then we had to do that for 8 counts. Then it was off to another character. There were 6 characters (I think) and it was on the Mardi Gras parade song. After a few times rehearsing, it was straight to doing it for the judges, it seriously went so fast. I was insanely nervous and when it was my turn, I kinda messed up. So, I didn't make it past this round, sadly. But after an hour or so, I was over it really. From the 200 people that were there, about 160 were cut. One of my friends actually got through to the face check, but then she was cut too.

Anyways, I had a lovely experience, it was a lot of fun and Amsterdam is a beautiful city. If you have any questions, please ask!
Me and my audition friends! (I'm in the middle)


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