Preparing for my first Disney audition

Hi everyone!

So, exciting news... The Amsterdam Disney audition date has been announced! It's on the 14th of April at 10 a.m. in the Chassé dance studio. I'm ridiculously excited and I can't wait until I can go.
Anyways, this blogpost is all about how I prepare for this audition. Come along!

When can you audition? 

First things first, you need to know when there'll be an audition close to you. There are two sites which you can check: the Disney audition site, or the Disneyland Paris audition sites. The difference is that the first one has all the Disney auditions for every park on it, and the second only has those for Disneyland Paris (and a few extra French auditions).
The audition will appear around a month before the actual date. For some cities (like London), they'll hold auditions frequently all around the year, but for some (like Amsterdam), there'll only be two or so auditions a year. Basically, keep an eye on those websites.
There are auditions for six types of roles: character performer, parade performer, character look-a-like, character attendant, dancer and singer. The first three will appear most, and most of the time the audition will be for all three roles. The other ones don't appear very often (dancer and singer are only for the shows like the Frozen sing along).

How to prepare your audition? 

One of the things that helped me the most is watching YouTube videos of other people's experiences. I highly suggest watching Denise Joanne. While watching these videos, you will learn that there are three rounds in the audition.One: animation, two: dancing, three: face check. You can't really prepare for the third round, but you can prepare the other two!
As for animation, you have to act like a certain character. This can be a princess, a pirate, a cowboy... I suggest that you prepare a few types beforehand. If you don't know what to do, you can always search character meets at Disney to give you an idea as to what the character is like. This can be, for example, watching a video with Woody to learn how to act like a cowboy.
For the dance round, if this is your first audition (like it is mine), it's harder to prepare. What I did is, I watched a few basic dance videos and tried out the moves.

I would also suggest looking up how you will travel to the location. I have to go by train, so I'll most likely buy the tickets some time ahead.
Another thing you best prepare is what you are going to wear. It's best that you choose something formfitting and bright. I'll post a picture of what I wore after I went :) Same goes for make up. The site advises you to not wear too much, but I've heard that girls wear some (natural) make up anyway.

So, I think that's it for how I prepared my audition. I'll keep you guys posted with an experience post! If you'd like to follow my adventure more closely, follow me on my social media sites (especially twitter as I'll be tweeting a lot there).


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