StyleTone box: February 2017

 Hi! As promised, here is my (currently) final StyleTone unboxing! I've decided to stop my subscription for a few months, unless I see a box I really want. The reason for this is that I've now got plenty of make up to use, and sometimes even a bit much. I really enjoyed it though, and if I get enough money again I'll definitely subscribe again!

Lord and Berry Supreme Eyeliner in Purple

The first product is an eyeliner that came in one of three colors (blue, green and purple). It's a very creamy texture that feels nice to apply. It's also easy to smudge, making it ideal for a smokey eye look. While I do like the texture and quality of this product, I don't really like the color. I think that it's way too bright and doesn't fit me, which is why I'm going to sell it.

It's original price is € 18

Manna Kadar Lip-Locked Priming Wand in J'adore

As the name suggests, this lipstick already has a build in primer. This makes it very easy to use. It can be used as a lipstick, but also as a lip liner. I love the texture and color of it. It's supposed to be mauve-ish, and I can kind of see that. It also stays on very well. I really like it! 

It's original price is € 22.50

Emité Diamond Hart Strobe Cream

At first, I didn't really knew what to do with this product. I normally don't strobe, so it was a new experience for me! The magazine suggests putting it on your cheekbones, so I tried that out. It didn't do much for me, except making my skin feel pretty greasy. But then, I noticed that you could also use it as an eye shadow primer and boy, does it work good. Not only are my eye shadow colors way more pigmented, but they also stay on much longer! I would never have bought it without this box, but I guess that's kind of the point right? 

It's original price is € 29

 Manna Kadar Lash Primer

Two products from the same brand in one box? Not sure if I like that, but I do like this product! I had no idea what this even was or what it did, but it has become an essential for me. You put it on before you apply your mascara. It lengthens the lashes and makes sure your mascara comes off easily. It works so well! The only off thing is that it has a white color, but I don't really see much of it once I put on my mascara. 

It's original price is € 19.95

 Nacomi Body Scrub Coffee

I was so exited to see this product, since I've been looking for a nice scrub. This scrub works very well and makes your skin feel super soft! It also smells amazing and doesn't stain your bathtub! It's very easy to remove, so you still feel relaxed after taking your bath or shower. 

It's original price is € 5.50

The total price of this box is € 94.95

I think this box was actually my favorite! As you might have seen in some of my posts, I mentioned that I'm going to sell products I didn't really want. Well, now I've opened a Depop shop! I'm going to sell make up and clothing. Check it out!

Get yours here.
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See you next time! 


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