StyleTone box: December 2016

 StyleTone: December 2016

Hi! As promised, here's my StyleTone December 2016 box review! It's my first ever beautybox and (spoiler alert) I really like it! The box came with a tiny magazine with information about the products, the brand, how to use it, additional tips and uses, the original price, if it's vegan and how long you can keep it after opening. This is all extremely helpful! There's also a password that you can use on their website to view a video about the products in this box.

Lookx Lipstick


This lipstick was available in five different shades. I got lucky and got a shade that I really like! The shade is number 99, a dark raspberry with a pearly finish. It does stain, but it stays on pretty well despite that! In the picture it's not very noticeable as my lips are pretty pink without anything, but the color do make my lips a darker red/pink. This product is probably my favorite one from this box.

It's original price is € 15,75 (which is almost as much as the box costs!)

City Color Highlight Trio

This palette contains three shimmery colors: gold, rose gold and bronze. I've never used a highlighter before (I'm such a beauty guru), but the magazine contains a small guide on how to use the colors. I haven't tested this product yet, but it looks very high quality! According to the video, the shades can also be used as eye shadow.

It's original price is € 5,49

Beauty Made Easy Lip Balm Set

These are two lip balms in different colors and tastes. The Sweet Flame (orange) smells like vanilla and Sugar Shock (pink) smells very sweet. I don't notice a color difference between the two when I put it on though. It's really just a normal lip balm, nothing special. It can also be used as a brow gel.

It's original price is € 8,90

Bellapiere Cosmetics Cosmetic Glitter

This is loose gray glitter, and according to the magazine, it has a lot of uses. Apparently it can be used with clear nail polish, on your eyebrows, eyelashes, eyeliners, gloss, roots and more. I'm personally not a big fan of glitter, so I'm probably going to sell it/give it to someone else.

It's original price is € 12,99

Oval Brush

This brush is so soft. Seriously. You can use it for pretty much anything, but since it's pretty small, it's recommended use is for concealer or eye shadow. I think brushes are always useful, so this is a nice addition.

It's original price is € 9,95

Extra: So Susan Dual Brow Powder

 I got this product by using a special code that I got off this YouTube channel, so it's normally not part of this box. There are two shades, brown and dark brown. It also includes a small angled brush. As shown by the pictures, it looks quite natural. I really like this, it's a basic product that I'm surely going to use again.

It's original price is € 13,72

The total price of this box is € 66, 77

Practical stuff:
I live in Belgium, and it took 6 days to arrive.
It costs 15 euros a month.
Get yours here!
Check out my beautybox comparison blogpost here. It explains why I decided to get this one!

See you next time for the January box!


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