Studying and Disney

Hi everyone!

So school has only started three weeks ago, and I'm already drowning in work. I need to write papers, conduct an interview, study, attend classes and more. It's already driving me crazy! That's also the reason why I haven't posted in 2 weeks, I'm really sorry!

Whenever studying gets too much, I think about the Disney audition that I want to attend. The date hasn't been announced yet, but looking at previous years it will probably be around April. I'm already preparing my animation round and looking up basic dance videos on YouTube. I'm also seriously addicted to Disney audition videos by the way. If you're looking for some good ones for Paris, I recommend Gracie Deal and Denise Joanne. Denise is Dutch, also has a blog and she has been recently accepted as a face performer! She's seriously living the dream.
Speaking of people that have been accepted to work at Disney, there have been quite a few the past few weeks! I'm following them on twitter and Instagram (That's not too creepy, right?) in the hopes that I can catch a glimpse of their Disney lives.

So, that's basically all that's been happening recently. If you have questions about the Disney auditions, let me know!

See you soon


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