Beauty review: Yves Rocher packet by Flair

Hi everyone!

So I ordered this package from Yves Rocher, a normally expensive French make up brand. It was a special offer by the Belgian magazine Flair, which offered a package of five products for 15 euros instead of 40 euros. I will now explain what it contained, and how I liked the products. Keep in mind that I'm not that experienced with make up, but that I do see quality.

Hydra végétal intense hydration cream

The first thing I noticed about this cream, is that it smells amazing. Its smell reminds me of grapes and smells very fresh. When I put it on, I could feel the hydrating effect immediately. Its texture was nice and stayed on well. The only real complaint is that it makes my skin a bit more greasy, so I would only recommend it if your skin isn't too greasy from its own, so I guess it would work for normal skin like mine. If your skin is dry, I suggest you try it.  

Hydra végétal micellar water

This is a 2-in-1 product, as it promises to refresh and repair the fluid balance of the skin. You can use it on your entire face, including your eyes. Like the previous product, this one also smells like grapes and feels fresh. However, I didn't really haven't noticed its effect yet like the cream did. You can't use it to clean off make up, so beware!

 Nail polish

The name of the color is pêche exotique, which translates to exotic peach. It's color is indeed peachy pink, but for me it's a bit too fluorescent and intense. However, I do think that I will use it again in the summer of next year on my toes. When I applied it I noticed that it went on well, and it also stays on pretty well. You do need to put multiple layers, or it will see through a bit.

Botanical color eye pencil

There were actually 2 eye pencils included in this package, but I gave one to my friend. It's color is called noir ebène, so it's just black. It's a pencil, so not a liquid liner. The tip of the pencil is a bit too blunt and not sharp enough for my taste. Also, this color has a bit of glitter in it which wasn't mentioned anywhere else and you can't see this either when you just look at the pencil. It did stay on nicely, and was a bit difficult to get off.

So! There you have it. I hope you enjoyed!


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